5 must-haves for better brand consistency on packaging

23 March 2020 Caroline Sumners
5 steps to brand consistency on packaging

It might seem a strange thing to be writing about today, but even in these turbulent times, brands still need to be mindful of their brand consistency. In many ways, what you do now may be even more important. Consumers are watching, and the result it has on your brand advocacy and loyalty will be huge.

A brand is built upon many aspects but consistent packaging will leave a strong first and more importantly, ever-lasting impression. An inconsistent brand can create confusion in the market, fail to engage and dilute a company’s brand equity, performance and profit. Being obsessive about your brand consistency is paramount to success.

According to Forbes, presenting a brand consistently can increase revenue by 23%. Ensuring your product packaging is consistently represented for colour and imagery across territories is just as important as the packaging being in sync with your e-commerce sites and social content. A consistent brand is the shorthand to delivering customer loyalty and advocacy amongst your target audience.

The 5 must-haves

Effective Digital Asset Management (DAM)

In a recent study by the World Federation of Advertising (WFA), an optimised DAM was ranked in the top 10 highest priorities in the global sourcing agenda of the world’s top brands. The inherent value of controlling your assets centrally, to provide accessibility, transparency, coordination and consistency for all your brand teams, when rolling out packaging across various categories and territories is undeniable. Brand IMS deliver the leading cloud-based marketing solution, Visual Approval (VA) for brand managers, everywhere. More can be seen here.

Develop easy to use and accessible brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are used and managed on-line by the brand teams, often in conjunction with the design agency and provide the rules that dictate how your brand should be represented with a focus on fonts, colour palettes, layout, images, graphics, tone of voice, style and logos. For many progressive brands, these guidelines are now managed on-line via brand portals, so they can be easily updated, always available and everyone in the supply chain can ensure they are representing the brand consistently. For new products and early-stage brands, getting this organised early in the lifecycle of your product is essential.

Simplify your packaging supply chain

Packaging is complex. Retaining consistency when rolling out a product to multiple countries across multiple languages with different pack formats is difficult enough, without brand managers having to manage multiple agencies and suppliers with different styles, cultures, technologies, processes and ways of working. A centralised adaptive design, artwork, reprographics and plate making team that can also manage the print and press approval will ensure faster speed to market, a single point of contact and global colour and artwork consistency.

Invest in your packaging design

“It has been estimated that 60-70% of buying decisions are made in the store. Product packaging is considered as the ultimate opportunity for marketers to communicate the brand’s message visually” (startupnation.com). As a result, your packaging design is critical to building your brand and showing your audience you understand what they want and need. Great design for packaging, is based on:

1. Vigorous audience, market and category insight

2. A brand personality that resonates with your audience

3. creative concepts that can be bought to life on the packaging and through print, consistently

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Colour consistency

 Colour management for both quality and consistency across all print processes, substrates and across different countries will ensure your brand is consistently represented wherever you may be in the world. Select pre-press partners with the right levels of expertise around Pantone measurement, colour matching, plate making and experience in working with printers around the world.

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