Caroline Sumners

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Brand Salience for a Food or Drink start-up

Salience on Shelf Your new food or drinks product tastes amazing, you’re excited and all set to go but bringing any new product to market is a complex challenge. It...

September 10 , 2019 / Posted by Caroline Sumners
Be obsessive about brand consistency

A strong brand builds awareness and establishes trust, loyalty and active engagement. One of the pillars of great brand recognition is consistency. By building a repeatable, consistent brand, consumers know...

August 28 , 2019 / Posted by Caroline Sumners
smart packaging and the drinks industry
Connected, Smart Packaging and the Drinks Industry

Smart technology is on the rise across all industries, as the increased connectivity and intelligent use of information can transform how Brands engages with their consumers. Smart packaging offers significant...

July 30 , 2019 / Posted by Caroline Sumners
drinks industry sustainability

Consumers, and millennials in particular, are driving brands to be more socially responsible in all their marketing initiatives.  According to Neilson’s global sustainability report 66% of consumers are willing to...

July 15 , 2019 / Posted by Caroline Sumners