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16 Best Design & Packaging podcasts and Audiobooks you need to listen to

Whether you're just starting out in business or want to revamp your brand, design and packaging are integral features of any winning strategy. A little research will go a long...

September 23 , 2020 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Beauty Design and Packaging Blog
23 Brand, Design and Packaging Books Every Beauty Brand Should Read

In the beauty industry, looks matter. And when it comes to your beauty brand, it’s important that everything looks the part. From your brand to your products and packaging, it...

August 02 , 2020 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Brand Packaging Survey
2020 Packaging Supply Survey

Welcome to the Brand IMS 2020 packaging survey. The purpose of this survey is to explore how Brands are redefining and selecting their creative and pre-media agency partners. We would...

June 09 , 2020 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Design to Print Brand Terms

A ARTWORK An artwork file contains all the mandatory information, barcodes, pack copy required for your design. It should be on the correct cutter profile and can be shared for...

May 29 , 2020 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Retro-Futurism & Metamorphoses; design trends for 2020

Retro-Futurism Retro-futurism may sound like a contradiction but as designers continue to innovate and push the boundaries on what’s possible around packaging design, retro-futurism is proving to be a big...

February 26 , 2020 / Posted by Pippa Walsh
Brand packaging
Pick of the Week: This isn’t Something & Nothing to us

According to The Grocers 2019 Top Products Survey,  soft drinks sales are pouring in. The category is one of the fastest-growing across grocery with sales up £164.1m.  In the wake of...

February 12 , 2020 / Posted by Pippa Walsh